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    Harley MS 3719
    detail 16:  summa de dandis medicinis
    detail from folio 229v:
    … pla(rum) cu(m) luna Sole? 9  mars…Jupit(er)
    ven(us) aj..?  sol  luna

    Harley MS 3719, ff 226r-229v

    Summa de dandis medicinis. Rubric (f. 226r): ‘Incipit summa in dan/dis medicinis’, incipit: ‘Tempora diei et noctis in quibus humores / habent’, explicit (f. 229r) ‘Et aqua / decoctionis fac emplastra et super pone. mul/tum maturat / Explicit’. The title ‘Summa in dandis medicinis’ added (f. 226r, upper margin) by the early 16th-century annotator (compiler?).

    See L. Thorndike and P. Kibre, Catalogue of Incipits of Medieval Scientific Writings in Latin, rev. edn, The Mediaeval Academy of America Publication, 29 (London, 1963; with supplements in 1965 and 1968), p. 1557h, and its electronic version on CD-ROM (Ann Arbor, MI, 2000), no. 1557H. Followed (f. 229v) by short texts added by later hands, including: a) a five-line verse collection, incipit: ‘Non est in mundo dives qui dicit abundo’, explicit: ‘Ypocras est testis quoniam sequitur mala pestis’, in red ink; b) a prayer to the Virgin; c) an astrological chart; d) notes by S. Knott.

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