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    We can find different versions of this diagram in the BdHD:

    cgm 598 f84v

    Here we list them and the attempt for the transcription and clarification.

    The 84 page is also discussed here.

    d[eus]/d[ominus] ut + leben s[anct…]        (the holy/saintly/godly life, you could think of it as a guide or diagram of how to reach God through a saintly life)
    m aqua a b c d e f g ? s[an]cts sapie[n]cia     (God’s wisdom)
    n aer h i k l m n o c? pater anim[us]         mind/will of the Father)
    i ignis p q r s t v x c/ fili[us] corpus          (the body of the Son)
    ignis est terra   (fire and earth, which might be the same as we now say “heaven and earth” since medieval people envisioned fire as being a region beyond the earth, the outermost of the four elements)

    source: “Das “Buch der Heiligen Dreifaltigkeit” Uwe Junker,
    Kölner medizinhistorische Beiträge, Köln 1986

    Transcription of folio 134v ( in german ):

    Alle die sache sind nicht mer dann drej jnn
    das feurige elemente des wassers das feurig
    elemente der luft das feurig elemente der
    erden / Diß ist die erde die feuer ist die
    drifalt adeler k i ist es lufft sol / klaritas
    drucken do got alle ding vsgemacht had ein
    igliches jn seiner achte jn dem regiren der
    sonnen feuers crafft.
    Hiraus beweist sich eine grosse verborgenheit
    das man alle die werck mag machen bereit
    noch der figuren der heilligen driualdikeit.”

    Source: JKP, MarcoP, bi3mw

    The first three lines associate three of the elements with persons of the Trinity and elements of human nature:

    aqua – sp[irit]us s[an]cts – sapien[n]tia
    aer – pater – animus
    ignis – fili9 – corpus
    ignis est terra – aquila

    water – holy ghost – wisdom
    air – father – soul
    fire – son – body
    fire is earth – eagle

    It seems to have  an significant link with the page 134r in the Cod. Guelf. 188 Blank.,  mss 188 located here

    Which is also discussed here.

    “The whole diagram seems an attempt to match the trinity with the four elements. In my opinion, the sentence “fire is earth” solves the problem of the fourth element “in excess” with a reference to one of the fundamental alchemical texts, the <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Emerald Table</span>: “That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing”. Earth is the heaviest and lowest of the four elements, while fire is the lightest and highest.”

    Other ref. work.  Visualization in Medieval Alchemy by Barbara Obrist

    pal lat

    In the Pal. Lat. version we seem to have a combination of the “flowery diagram” and the “trinity diagram”

    From the Cod 188 Blankenburg: see here, view page 134r and 135v

    mss188 134r

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