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    Here is some Latin text I need to be translated, It is not important that it is exactly, I just want to know what it says.

    Google does not provide enough clues to follow the text.

    Can you help ?  

    Of course I will mention you in the final page. The final result is really worthwhile and will be published once the Latin is done.



    species aequipondii novi quod agitatum manu
    unius, et alterius instar campanae pulsatae,
    tantum virium habet ad agendum binos, eosque
    immanes foles in foldinis, ut aequare possint
    eos, qui vel ui aquarum, vel equorum in
    girum actorum, promoventur.


    recens vasis forma qua ita exportari queant
    liquores, ut vel in summo aestu, perinde
    calore affici nequeant, ac in vases

    Forsam in his declarandis assequar sententiam auctoris.

    Primo offerunt sese oculis duo vasa unum orientale aliud occidentale illa duo sunt perfecta unumque & idem sunt, reliqua, sunt parcesillius.
    Pars septentrionalis cum parte meridionali iungitur in perfectione vasis, namquae in medio videntur intus reponuntur, est enim faccus coriaceurs & fistula in gyrum coacta ferrea, est autem materies illius ex laminis que dicuntur ferri albi, in quo dealbando opus est argento viuo cuius est refrigerare, in has in quam fistula imponuntur liquores qui sacco cooperti item vasi non possunt calore affici.


    fons aeolicus perennis cum musico concentu et motu caelesti ambobus quoque perennibus qualescunque applicare libuerit.

    [eng try]

    Wind Fountain with music concert, with heavenly motion that freely moves, if it may please you


    Intelligendum est aquam sponte altiori loco subleuari non posse quam unde oriatur.

    In hoc fonte que sunt ad meridiem vulgaria sunt reliqua autem minime, horum placet aliquam dicere rationem.

    Superius ad Septentrionem picta sunt ventorum capita quae flatu aquam emittant,

    quod ut fiat ab altiori loco adducenda est aqua, & sunt in ore istorum capitum multa facienda foramina ut motu instrumenti ad id accomodati eiiciatur aqua, deinde ad motus horarum si ex canalibus aqua effusa rotulas mouerit multiplicatione motus fient quelibet, plura iam describere non possum sed alias deo fauente scribam.


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    I had to find the images to make sense of this: its complex stuff.

    Very rough translation (there will be errors):

    A kind of “equal weight system” that is moved with one
    and the other hand, like for moving (large) bells.
    It has as much strength in acting upon its
    two large bags, that it can be compared with
    those moved by the strength
    of water or of the wind.

    A new type of container by which it is possible
    to transport liquids, even with a great heat[?], without
    them being affected by heat, as in common

    I will try to explain the thought of the author with these explanations [???]

    First you see two vases, one Eastern (at the left?) the other Western (at the right). These two are complete and are the same thing. The other [things] are the parts they are made of.
    The North (top) part connects perfectly with the lower part to complete the vase. In the middle you see what is inside. It is a hard “bag” and an iron pipe, turning around; it is made of a layer of what is called “white iron”, to make it white one uses mercury, which is used for cooling.
    In this, I say [in hac inquam non “in has in quam”] you put liquids which, covered by the “bag” of the vase, cannot be affected by heat.


    a perennial source of winds, with musical concert and celestial movement, these two also perennial, which can be applied to anything you want [?]

    [ps: your “Wind Fountain” is better than “source of winds”]

    You must understand water cannot rise by itself to a higher place than where it came from.

    In the source below there are a few things which are common and not important, I will say something about them [???]

    Above to the North the heads of the winds are represented, they emit water with their breath.

    In order for this to happen, water must be taken form a higher place & one must make in the mouths of these heads many holes, so that the movement of the machine, connected to it, may sprout water. Then, for the movement of the hours, if the water conducted by channels moves some small wheels, its movement can be multiplied as needed. I cannot yet describe this in more detail, but I will write more, if God wants.

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    Thank You Marco, I’ve placed you text on the final page which is now published here.

    If there are any improvements on the text, let me know.


    What was striking to me is that if you look at the container, identified as pump,

    and you compare it to the VMS container you see that the base actually looks very similar.




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