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    The Leiden papyrus X was discovered at Thebes in Egypt

    Althougth dated a bit early, written in Greek at about the end of the 3rd century A.D.

    now at the Leiden University Library, and labelled alphabetically from A to Z.

    The Leiden papyrus  is interesting to mention in relation to the VMS, because of the following quote from papyrus V:

    “Papyrus V contains a recipe for a mystical ink ……..It has a recipe for purifying gold with cement royal. It gives a list of 37 secret names of plants, invented by holy scribes, containing code names such as “snake’s blood” , “rat’s tail”, and “lion’s semen”. Traces of this nomenclature survive in botanical names, like in German “Löwenzahn” and wolf’s milk; also in dragon’s blood, which probably still denotes the same resin as in ancient times. Some of these aliases are given by Dioscorides, but with different meanings.”



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