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    Here this long (1245 folios) handwritten ms is digitized and although at first sight perhaps nothing out of the ordinary,

    there are some very specific details that are quite interesting.

    Gautier, of Metz, dated around 1400. French

    Summary of all knowledge, divided into 3 parts on the creation of the world and man,

    geography, and astronomy; copy of the earliest recension in 6,600 octosyllabic lines of verse, as composed in 1245 by Gautier of Metz.


    Look at the texttype, but also notice that a lot of pages start with “Pour”. Also the flourished letters of the first line do remind me immediately of the “gallow” characters. Well, I agree that there are not the same, but the intention and the randomness of these characters are peculiar at least. Then the diagrams tend to put the focus on the spheres in a strange order. More on that later, when I have time.

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    Thank you! This does look interesting, in particular for the “litterae elongatae” in the first line of most pages. The similarity of such letters with VMS gallos EVA:p/f that mostly appear in the first lines of paragraphs is extremely interesting.

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